Winter Seasonal Fashion

Even though the leaves are quickly falling and the temperatures are dropping, you don’t have to kiss your fashion sense goodbye. Cooler weather does mean you will need to add on extra layers of clothing on to stay warm, but that is exactly what it means. Layers. You don’t have to give away to baggy clothes that have no form or style to them. You can still look sharp no matter what the season is or what your size is. Seasonal fashion can happen year ‘round, you just need to pay attention to the lines of the clothes you buy.

Winter is Cool

You can actually have some awesome looks when it comes to winter fashion. The wind might be cold, but you can certainly look cool too. When you are buying outer coats, buy coats that have a belt or are gathered in places to still emphasize curves or to still give your form definition. Outerwear can be warm, but it doesn’t have to consume you in order to keep you warm. Outerwear is meant to provide a larger, thicker definition of your form that simply has heavier fabric than shirts and pants do.

Winter colors tend to be dark brown, black and even navy blue. But don’t be afraid to wear a brighter color even if the calendar says it is winter. A bright color like yellow, pink, red or even orange can brighten your mood on a cold and gloomy day. It might also improve the mood of others around you at work, which is only a win-win situation for you. Fun colored shirts can be made in to long sleeves just as easily as shirts for summer can be, so don’t worry about the possibility of them existing!

Another popular seasonal fashion is boots. Black leather boots are made with no heel, small heels, high heels and even short and tall lengths. These boots can keep you warm on a night out, but you still need to be mindful of the weather outside. Four inch heels would not be the smartest thing to wear on a night when you are supposed to get a foot of snow, but the decision is still yours. Match the boots with a skirt or a dress and you can still wear the shorter clothing and stay warm. Boots in brown and dark blue are also available to match your outfits.