Best Plus Size Tips

There are some tips you can follow each season to keep in touch with the fashion world without compromising your looks. Plus sized fashion simply used to be baggy clothing with no form. It might have had some color and pattern to it, but it might not have been flattering to a larger frame. Now, you can get tailored clothing that looks great on any individual, no matter what size they are. Here are some plus size tips to follow when choosing your wardrobe.

Keep Your Form Showing

Be proud of your curves. Buy cuts of clothing that form to your shape. Shirts can be fitted for men and women. Skirts and pants can have pleats or darts or could even be straight in front to emphasize waistlines and still show the form of the body.

Choose Color Wisely

You still need to choose your colors with caution. While you might like purple, buying a purple winter trench coat might not be a smart idea. Pick a muted color or one that doesn’t make people think of a singing dinosaur. Color should be something that looks good with your skin tone, matches the other clothes and shoes that you wear but also makes you feel good. If it happens to be purple.

Wear the Right Size

Just because you purchased an item with a smaller number for the size doesn’t mean you have shrunk. Nor does it mean it will fit. Don’t pay attention to tags when you are trying on clothing. You can start out with what you think your size is, but go up or down according to what actually fits your body type. Don’t wear clothing that is too tight, because it will make you look larger. And don’t wear clothing that is too large, because it will also make you larger than what you really are.

Choose Correct Patterns

Patterns can affect how a person looks too. Small checked patterns and small designs look good. Avoid horizontal stripes and large patterns as they can emphasize a person’s shape too. In the wrong way. Smaller patterns don’t draw attention or emphasis to a part of the body like a large pattern can.

Be Confident

No matter what you choose to wear, make sure it makes you feel confident. When you are confident, you feel and look your best, no matter what.