Choosing Men’s Underwear Correctly

Do you think that men can just grab a pair of underwear and run to the check out – like they do most other clothing purchases? No. They usually do, because hey, who changes size after ten or fifteen years anyway? Men’s underwear needs to be chosen carefully, especially when it is worn under dress clothes, so that it doesn’t alter the look of the dress pants. Just as women can have problems with panty lines, men can too.

Size Matters

This age old joke of size matters does matter – when it comes to underwear for men. How often have you put on a pair only to realize the waist line feels a bit snug, so you just lower it down a bit. Really? Maybe it is time to buy a bigger size so they fit properly and don’t hang off. Underwear that is too tight can cut off circulation to the legs and also cause lines to show through the pants you wear. Underwear that is too large will just hang off the frame, so why wear it anyway?


Men’s can choose between men’s underwear briefs, men’s boxer underwear, men’s thong underwear and bikini cut and a few other styles now too. Whitey tighty isn’t the only option that men have in the underwear drawer. To stay warm for outdoor activities, men’s long underwear is made to go over or alone to keep the entire body warm. Men’s thermal underwear usually covers the entire leg region of the body.

Men’s underwear might not seem like an important piece of the outfit, but why not? It touches a lot of your skin and in some of the most sensitive areas. When you have underwear that does not fit right, it can make the whole day go wrong. Too restrictive underwear can make you feel bunchy all day long. And uncomfortable. Too loose of underwear can make it ride up in to places where it is not welcome.

To avoid buying underwear that is not the right size, take it to the dressing room and try it on overtop of the underwear you have. It won’t be an exact sizing, but you will get a good estimate if it fits or not. That way you aren’t running to the store making multiple trips and wasting time and gas to get to the right size. And the right size is the only size you should settle for in men’s underwear.