Men’s Belts Purpose

When you think about a belt and you are a female, it has to serve several purposes. First, it must look good. Second, it must match the outfit. Third, it must match the shoes and the purse that will accompany the outfit on any particular given day. Since that is the case, many belts are needed. But do the same rules apply for men?

Men’s belt choices do need to match their shoes, but the purse, not so much! There is much more to getting dressed if you are a man and putting on a men’s black belt and walking out the door though. The belts need to be functional, match and look great with whatever type of outfit you have on.


A men’s leather belt is basic need every man should have, but what type? Brown? Black? White? Dressy? Casual? Having several types of belts is actually a good idea, so you are always prepared for any event. Whether it is a football game or a wedding, there should always be a belt in your closet that fits and can match any of the pants that also hang up in the closet.
Typically, a men’s brown belt is worn with jeans and any casual outfit because it matches hiking boots, tennis shoes and other casual shoes a person wears. And brown can be rough or it can be smooth in the texture.


There are lots of choices when it comes to designer belts in men’s clothing, so you never have to scrimp on style. You can even choose men’s white belts to go with dressy outfits or to compliment jeans in a casual style. There is a belt accessory that you might not have thought about either. Men’s belt buckles can act as the accessory, because of its color, the style and size.

No matter what type of belt you choose, make sure it fits and holds up the pants. The purpose of the belt is to look good, but its primary reason is to keep the pants up and not on the floor. Belts should have a few notches on either side of where you fit in. Don’t buy a belt if it only fits on the last notch or the very first notch. Aim for a notch in the middle so if you change sizes, you don’t need to go out and buy more belts.