Fashionable plus size Tankini picks

During the summer months, plus size women want to get a tan just like the rest. While not all the women want to wear a skimpy bikini, they still want to be able to get a tan on the majority of their body. This is why it has become part of the plus size fashion to be able to include Tankinis in with the pool wear. These are basically bathing suits with a very low SPF. This way you will be able to get a tan even while you are wearing a bikini. This will allow you to enjoy that all over tan without tan lines. This is a great way to look even better what you are wearing plus size tops or other plus size clothing which will show a little more skin.
Picking the Right Plus Size Tankini
The first thing you need to know when buying a good tankini is your size. This is important because the suit cannot be baggy at all. If it is baggy it will not produce the tan you are looking for. You will get white streaks in your skin which is not something most women want to see on their skin. There are some patterns which will also look more flattering on you than others. Choose the colors you feel go best with your hair and with the sandals you enjoy wearing. This way you will be able to look great even as you go the pool.
Accessorizing Your Plus Size Fashion
Once you have chosen your Tankini, it is time to pick out any accessories you will wear with it. This can include a cover-up. Other accessories include a wrap, sandals or even a great hat. The most important thing to remember is all of these elements will come off when you get to the pool or the Tankini will not be able to do its job properly. Make sure you have purchased a suit you will actually feel comfortable wearing the Tankini without anything on to cover it. This is because this is how most people will see you when you are hanging out at the pool.